“An evening where dance meets acrobatics”

Pi is the first full evening production created by Petricore Movement and Zentire Music.

The double bill features the performances Dim 4 and Debris.

World premiere: 7th Dec 2018 | Pfefferberg Theater | Berlin, Germany

Production: Petricore Movement & Zentire Music

Choreographer & Dancer: Anna Holmström

Composer: Patrick Zylka

Costume Designer: Milena Dehnavi

Duration: 70 min ( incl. short intermission )

"Last night, I had the pleasure of seeing Pi, a modern dance performance at Pfefferberg Theatre. There is something about bodies moving through space in exceptional ways that is both delightful, energising and emotional — and this performance was no different."

(...) choreographer Anna Holmström does an artful job in creating a structured and engaging performance that expresses different characters, theme and conflict through movement.

The first composition, Dim 4, is about time, presenting different views of the same moment. It snakes through various moods and music — from the resonant and conflictual to jazzy and playful. The five dancers convey complex feelings and relationships without the use of flashy extras (...)

In Debris, performed solely by Holmström, a piece of plastic takes on a sublime, airy quality as she dances with it. The piece is about the beauty of the ocean, which is becoming suffocated by plastics, and indeed we genuinely become worried for the dancer as she becomes more and more entangled in it. But the emotion that lingers is the one of sadness that we see in the long, still moments on the dancers face."

- Madhvi Rahmani | Englishman in Berlin


"Where power meets grace"